About the blog

In 2011, NeuroFantastic (previously, Neurorexia) started as a small neuroscience blog at wordpress.com.

The overarching goal of NeuroFantastic is to cover all the latest and greatest neuroscience research. Everything is fair game, although as you might have noticed, I naturally gravitate towards stories that involve memory, mood, diet and exercise. 

Most science news outlets tend to focus on the latest scientific discoveries and sexy breakthroughs, without really delving into the weeds of how scientists get there. That's where NeuroFantastic comes in: we like digging into the weeds.

Many of the articles on this site contain scientific charts (or "figures", as scientists call it) plucked straight from the scientific papers that they cover. But don't be alarmed: the articles are self-contained and perfectly understandable without the charts, if reading graphs isn't not your thing. However, I hope you give them a glance - the articles will let you know exactly what to look at to interpret the data for yourself - because many times the devil is in the details.


Since its inception, NeuroFantastic has gone through two major facelifts: from its old wordpress.com domain and dated look, to its own custom domain based on the Wordpress platform, to now a magazine-style site on SquareSpace. The goal for these redesigns is not simply vanity: with each iteration, I hope NeuroFantastic will be easier on the eyes.

Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you!


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Humble roots. Neurorexia 1.0, on wordpress.com

Humble roots. Neurorexia 1.0, on wordpress.com

Neurorexia 2.0. Circa 2013-2015

Neurorexia 2.0. Circa 2013-2015