NeuroPunk! "Harder Better Faster Stronger" Neuroscience style #video


Feel free to skip the preamble and go for the meat at the bottom. Yum.

I took a break from blogging last week, mostly in preparation for the 1st UBC Neuroscience Retreat. Overall, it was extremely rewarding. In a jam-packed 1 1/2days, I heard lectures from 17 profs in diverse subfields of neuroscience, caught up on research by my peers in an intimate poster session, and had GREAT conversations with anyone willing to jabber with me about SCIENCE! Seriously, as a friend wisely (haha) noted: "Most of what I've learned is from talking to other people, not from reading papers." All the while with this view outside my window:

Beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Oy Canada!

Beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Oy Canada!

It's a luxury hotel at the luxurious Whistler Ski Resort in British Columbia. My jaw literally dropped when I first saw it.

Academics aside, the profs encouraged grads to "let loose and showcase your creativity". As in, "make a viral video". As part of the Grad Student Association I overlooked the project. Two weeks after several mass emails, on the 1st day of the retreat, we had only one submission ("Neural Correlates of the Harlem Shake", which is FANTASTIC). Long story short, I freaked out, got car sick, and somehow my creative juices came poring out, cultivating in this:

Basically, story of my life ;P.

Hope you enjoyed, and I'll be posting again soon.