#SfN13: Here we go!

This is part of a series of blog posts for the 2013 Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference. 

You might have already heard the news that I'm officially blogging for the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Conference this year. (YAY!)

For those not in the field, the SfN conference is a yearly geek-fest uniting over 20,000 (source) neuroscientists from around the globe. Packed with lectures, seminars, poster session (yes, posters - that's how we share our research), exhibitions, socials and ancillary events, it is a true bonanza of cutting-edge neuroscience.

Poster tubes stacked at the passage way right off the plane.

Poster tubes stacked at the passage way right off the plane.

During the conference (Nov 9-13) I'll be blogging about the most exciting, surprising or plainly weird advancements in two specific neuroscience subfields: cognition & behaviour and disorders of the nervous system.

You DO NOT have to be a neuroscientist to learn from the conference. Follow the hashtag #sfn13 on Twitter for a constant stream of neuro-news, check out all the official (and non-official) bloggers to get an in-depth and highly accessible look at individual neuroscience studies.


PS. As it happens, this year the conference will be held in San Diego, at the same convention centre which hosted Comic Con a few months ago. The geek in me is silently rejoicing.