Young Blood Offered as Anti-Aging Therapy — But Is It Ready?

A few years ago, a group of Stanford scientists stitched up the blood circulation of a young mouse with an old mouse.

What happened next became one of the largest scientific breakthroughs of the year: within a month, the old's mouse brain, heart and muscles seem to regain their youthful functions. The old mouse's memory also got sharper.

Something in the young mouse's blood was acting like an elixir of life, seemingly turning back the aging clock.

Flash forward a few years, and young blood treatment is now offered to humans. Yet there's still so much that we don't know. 

In this week's article at Singularity Hub, I dig deep into the science behind young blood, and ask if it's still too early for a human trial. Take a look and let me know: would you pay $8k on the promise that the blood of the young will rejuvenate your aging body and brain?