For just one penny, this Lab-on-a-chip can diagnose cancer & more.

Let's face it, medicine is expensive. Sometimes whether you have the money to afford a diagnostic test could mean life or death.

That's why I've been smitten with the whole "frugal science" trend that's blown up over the past few years. Stanford engineer and all-around genius Manu Prakash is leading the way: thanks to him, we now have a paper centrifuge that doesn't require electricity, and a foldable microscope that costs only 50 cents.

Now another Stanford team has joined the movement. Led by Dr. Ronald Davis, the team recently published a tiny lab-on-a-chip that costs just a penny. The chip is modular, with a electronic top layer that can be printed with any inkjet printer and some commercially available conductive particles. Plop it onto a single-use sample chamber, and the device magically turns into a reliable diagnostic tool.

Get the details over at Singularity Hub.